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Home Office Refresh

Task: Create a soothing, organized and purposeful filled office for two!

This refresh began when Mark, my husband, decided he was ready to purge his office to create a space for both of us to work. It didn't take me long to start hunting and found a fabulous Aspenhome desk, for two, on FBMP for $900! Knowing the color tone, I chose a warm blue/gray for the walls, Behr Marquee Teton Blue in a matte finish, and painted the ceiling white to open up the room. Then we began organizing his collection of artwork and mementos, which portray his distinguished career in the US Air Force, and purged what was no longer needed. With intent, items were strategically placed back in the room to display them with honor and meaning.

In addition, I was able to find a matching high-end office chair to match his for $100. It retails for $550! We paid movers, who I highly recommend, to pick up the monstrous desk from the seller and set it up completely! What a relief that was and worth the $279!

After six years in this home, the office had become a dumping ground for a lot of unnecessary things. I'm sure we aren't the only ones that have a place like that in our home. It had simply been neglected and needed a serious refresh! Knowing I now needed a place to office, it quickly became a priority.

With our own labor painting the ceiling and walls, the total for this refresh, with delivery, came in under $1,400! We now have an incredible desk set up in a warm, bright and inviting room for two! The space is well laid out, displayed with meaning and allows me to have an office with him!

Do you have a room in your home that needs a refresh? Maybe some organizing, purging and proper placement of things that have meaning to you? If so, I'm here for you! Reach out and let me show you how to make a space you love!

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